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El Papa Francisco saluda al obispo Bambera en el servicio de oración del mediodía en la Catedral de San Mateo Apóstol en Washington.

 Encuentro Mundial de las Familias  

     Filadelfia 2015



Haga clic en la Oración del Encuentro Mundial de Familias para verla en tamaño más grande.

The brave pilgrims from our trip

Pilgrims began their journey with Morning Prayer on the bus

Hang on! Subway ride to downtown Philadelphia.

More of our group riding the subway

We found the Holy Father before we even went downtown!

No crowds here waiting for pictures

Evidently our Holy Father is a Phillies fan!

Hoping for some divine intervention for the Phillies!

Eating lunch in the security line

Crowds waiting to go through security

Catching a glimpse of the motorcade

The Pope greeted the crowd in Philadelphia in the parade Sunday before Mass

A blessing!

Some members of our group were able to get very close

Babies were held high up to get a blessing

Banners throughout the city

Another inspiring banner!

The crowd in Logan Circle watching Mass on the jumbotrons

Watching Mass on the jumbotrons

The crowded subway on the way back from Mass

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